Send sysex to external MIDI


Well, xBO 69 1 should be xB0 69 1

You have the letter O rather than the number zero.


That was a typo in the post only. I double check it, just to be sure. Same result. GP is not recognizing the MIDI output block, hence the error message "Block: ‘does not exist in rack space

I am trying to send a cc message to the HELIX


All worked correctly here.

Did you use this option for naming the MIDI Out before setting the extra MIDI?

Set List, sending Prog.Change error

Eureka! THAT was the missing piece!! Thank YOU for clarifying that point. The direction above to “set the name to a unique name” was not clear. “Set handle” was what I needed to be doing.

I much appreciate your help with this.


My pleasure!


The good news is that we’re reviewing the draft of the GP 3 manual right now so hopefully it will be out sometime next week. That should help clarify some of these things.

Glad it’s working now. Didn’t even occur to me that the handle hadn’t been set. Thanks @EnjoyRC for realizing that.