Send rather than receiving program changes


Currently trying to take advantage of the song list feature where each song part not only recalls a rackspace variation but also send program change to the fishman triple play so it can set the tracking, dynamic range, and pitch mode for each patch. Previously I had program changes sent from tripleplay TO gig performer but now I am trying to set it so Tripleplay receives program changes FROM gigperformer. I’ll need to change my preferences in gig performer to NOT received program changes from Tripleplay to prevent double program change traffic.

The advantage of the gig performer song list feature is that groups of patches for each song stay together, I eliminate the need for the Tripleplay software during performance, and the setlist is easily changed with drag and drop (not possible in triplplay hardware patches).

I’m also hopeful that if my triplplay bluetooth connection drops that it will recover faster in this hardware mode than it does with the software. Sometime after re-pairing the triple play, the program changes sent from triple play make it to the software but not out to gigperformer. So in theory the new setup will be more reliable.

I’ll also be able to use predictive loading in songlist mode so I reduce memory and test issues with the computer.

I wonder if others need to switch gig performer from receiving program changes to sending program changes when they move from rackspaces to song list mode?

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Yes - this is absolutely one of the things that will, I think, be happening with many 2.x users as they start using the new Songs and Setlist features. Gig Performer 3 is now becoming the “centre of your rig” so to speak and it will control other things you have connected based on the song/song part you’re on.

Thank you for posting this important insight into shifting the way things work with GP3.


I’ve been doing the exact same thing for 2 weeks now: Having my Nord Stage 2 and the YAMAHA Mo-XF 6 connected to GP and let GP send program changes to them.

In some songs I only use the Nord Stage as a 88 keys weighted master keyboard because I don’t want to play the piano ballad on the 61 keyboard. So MIDI goes to GP and will be routed via a MIDI Out Block to the Mo-XF (because of its smooth DX e-piano / pad layers :blush: ). Really awesome, I don’t need to setup anything manual before the song (except switching the song in GP :wink: ).

One more advantage: I only need to have one sustain pedal and if I want, GP routes only the Sustain Pedal data (CC64) to the other keyboard so I can use the pedal for both keyboards at the same time.


I have a default template rackspace that has definitions for midi out to four ‘physical’ devices. I duplicate this ‘template’ for all rackspaces. In the template, I have 4 standard midi outs set up, one for each ‘physical’ device. For three of those four, I send a specific MSB/LSB/Program change. One of those four actually controls my drummers’ Roland SPD-30 octopad. I can’t imagine doing it any other way except possibly gpscript.