Send CC# option for Virtual keyboards (in MIDI-Blocks)

I think it would be useful if we could not only play notes via the “virtual keyboard” of the MIDI-blocks but also generate CC-data to be sent to the plugins (or MIDI-outs).
One slider with a corresponding parameter for the CC# would already be enough.
This way we could simulate those signals even if there is actually no MIDI-keyboard or hardware controller connected to the computer.

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Using a widget connected to one of the midi-in block CC parameters achieves this quite easily. You also get the benefit of adding as many as you want.


I’m using a virtual MIDI device and an old application MIDI OX (works great), to send MIDI messages.

Did you already forget this :wink:

Yeah, yeah, yeah… you all are absolutely right. :+1:
It was quite late, I got lost in some strange ideas and didn’t see the obvious… :innocent:
Thank you all for “leading me back to the right path”. :blush: