Second expression pedal for wah wah

I’m using an AudioFront quad four jack input device for cc control. So far, I’ve used three inputs; one for main volume, one for direct access (rotary speaker speed) and one for start and stop. Looking at the global midi list, what other unused function can I assign to act as wah wah input for my second expression pedal?

I don’t quite understand your question :thinking:
So you have an expression pedal plugged into your AudioFront interface and the want to control some plugin within GP which will give you a Wah-Wah effect, is that right?

If the AudioFront device consider your volume pedal as a conteneously valued device, any CC would do the job I think. Then following the regular way, you have to associate a GP widget to the wahwah plugin and associate your new pedal to the same widget via MIDI learn. Or did I miss something ?

Depending on the choosen plugin, select filter range in GP or use midi learn function.
About audiofront:

  • if using standalone app, affect cc, channel and range ant it will be automatically saved.
  • if using plugin in GP, same way and save “snapshot” in audiofront window.

Thanks for all the replies. I got it sorted. My mistake was in trying to use the global options. In the end, I added a rotary knob widget and learnt it all to the Kuasa wah plugin and an M Audio expression pedal. Works great. Thanks again for the helpful input. Great community here😏.


Tip about audiofront: using the plugin version, if modifying any parameter, please consider using the snapshot manager in the audiofront control panel in order to save new values.
This way, you may reuse them in other apps without the need to change parameters in these apps and in particular when using audiofront standalone version: in standalone, settings stored in the device are uploaded, not the plugin settings. So if you want to use one or more plugin settings, you have to save them first in plugin mode then you can load the snapshots in standalone mode.

Maybe you know all this stuff, but I found it out recently, although I’ve used audiofront for a long time. Reading a manual from A to Z is a good habit to get into. In this case: the plugin paragraph “Why Would You Want to Use It?”.