Scroll Thru Parts and songs w GPscript


Doesn’t EVERYONE using setlist mode and song parts want to scroll from part tot part and song to song with the same button? Of course, and you can do it with global preferences -BUT you can’t do it in GPscript! Also a downer is those codes used in global midi preferences are absorbed and not passed to GPscript.

Please add a function in gpscript that allows you to go through a setlist song part by song part.


Just write

SetSongPart(GetCurrentSongPart() + 1)

or if you want to be fancy, you could wrap it in a function

 Function NextPart()
    SetSongPart(GetCurrentSongPart() + 1)

and then just call NextPart() from somewhere


Will that also go from the last song part of a song to the first song part of the next song — like the global preference will?


Nope — we are ultimately going to have a global script mechanism for handling this kind of thing, it doesn’t really make sense to have this stuff in a rackspace script, as you’d have to duplicate it in every rackspace.

However, if you’re willing to live dangerously :slight_smile: there is actually a way to make this happen by sending an OSC message to Gig Performer from the script since there are OSC messages to do this kind of thing. For example

Function NextPart()
   var msg : OSCMessage
   OSC_SetAddress(msg, "/Song/MoveDown")
   OSC_SendSpecific(msg, "", 54344) // Send to localhost to GP's listening port

This works (I just tried it for my own curiosity) but it’s a horrible hack — unfortunately I can’t provide this as something officially supported, we’ve never done any experiments sending OSC from inside Gig Performer to itself but as I said, if you want to live dangerously…

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I’ve added direct script functions for these things so they’ll be in a future version.