Scriplet maybe? cc4 to cc1

hi everybody hope youre doing well,
it is a sd3 (toontrack) thing.
they finally have a cc assignable variation where one can detune the closed hi hat.
a tightly closed real hihat starts pitching up a little, from lets say, tight closed pedal to very tight by pressing the pedal even harder.

now the gig performer side:
my hat foot controller sends only on cc4 and that should be “doubled” / mapped to cc1,together with a velocity restriction (it only needs it from approx 122 to 127)
hope i am clear…
thanks for your help

With the MIDI filter plugin you can remap cc values and with the scaling curve you should be fine.

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i`ll probier that thank you

scaling curve where?
on the input midi?

In the MIDI in plugin you can scale the velocity


See item 7 MIDI Inputs

thanks guys found a way within SD3 where one has macros

  1. gigs filter cc4-cc1
    2.assign detune to macro in SD3
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