Scrip inside Panels

Hello, I do not know if it had been raised, I think it would be very useful to be able to develop scrip associated with panels, I explain, just like in Visual, a Panel could have its own Scrip that would be loaded with the panel and that way wouldn’t it be necessary to repeat the whole process over and over for every Gig you create, how do you see it?

I don’t understand very well your concern as the scripts are already rackspace based which makes them very close to what you request for panels. A rackspace contains both the panels and an associated script. You can also duplicate scripts containing scripts. So what would be the difference with the feature you would like.

Hi David-San, thanks for your prompt response, I see it from the point of view of creating a Rack from 0, where simply uploading a plugin, load the panel and voila, armed the Rack, (I don’t know if it is understood) :slight_smile:

What would you want that script to be able to do?

Hello DHJ, it is not a script, the suggestion is the possibility that the scripts be developed both in a generic (current) environment and within the panels (ej: as Visual Basic), which would allow to create a Rack faster since, if the panels have their own script, plugin loads and voila.

Do you really mean Gig or are you talking about rackspaces?

Hello PianoPaul, Rackspaces

You know about the possibility to export and import rackspaces?
This way you could build a generic rackspace, export it and reimport it, so you can adjust it to your needs.

Hello PianoPaul, yes, I know the possibility of importing, but it is not the proposal, the proposal is the possibility that each panel may have its own Script code, but it is only a proposal that I think would be useful, if not … . not

For my understanding, what should a script do within a panel?
A script can deal with callback on midi events and a panel is only a container for widgets.
A panel knows nothing about plugins etc.

Yes that’s also what I don’t understand much.

When you save/load a Rackspace you get the script, the plugins with connections and the Rackpanels which come with it as well as the widget parameters assignments. Even if you could associate a script with a panel, you would neither benefit from the plugin and connections nor from the widget parameters assignments which are potentially quite complicated to setup while a script is very quickly added to a rackspace.