Scratching head with RipChord

I am trying to control 2 solo brass instruments (Bass trombone and trumpet in Bb in a rackspace. I have midi input and VST outputs. The sounds are fine. I’ve added 2 ripchord plugins, 1 for each instrument. I’ve entered the notes for instance on the opening horn lick of Vehicle - Ides of March. 1st lick is in octave unison, the send lick repeats the same notes for the bone while the trumpet plays parallel 5ths above it. When I play the beginning unison lick, the trumpet won’t play the 1st note. (out of range) although I’ve set the trumpet’s 1st note in the correct register. I am entering the notes correctly (pretty sure but am stumped). If I can work this out, I can get the rest of the licks added as well. Just focusing on the first 2 licks.
Gig performer-Ripchord

Any ideas how to fix?

Better view