Saving Songs/Rackspaces/Gigs for Reinstallation of Windows


I need to reinstall the Windows and have no separate partitions on HD. The GP end many VSTs are installed and several Gigs are created. How can I securely save all of my Gigs when I format the HD and reinstall the Windows 10 and the GP + VSTs everithing will work as before?
My plan is to create 2 partitions on HD (50G for WIN and 200G for the VSTs + GP) to avoid problems with crashing of Windows.
Is it enoug if I save the GIG file and after reinstallation I reload it or I have to save all Song and rackspace separately? Is it a problem that the GP and VSTs were installed on C disk and after reinstallation they will be on D disk?


When you backup your gigs you should be safe.
But exporting songs and rackspaces is always a good idea.

First of all, make sure you deactivate Gig Performer before you do anything else.
You do not need to save individual rackspaces and songs. Just save your .gig files.
Also, if you have modified any of your global options, you could export those settings and save them somewhere, and then import them back later. Do that from the Advanced Options


Subsequent to backing up (and exporting) your data, deactivate all of your licensed applications and plugins prior to formatting your hard drive; then reactivate them after having reinstalled Windows.

Hope it all goes smoothly…good luck.


I save and load my gig files from an SD card. I tested load times with both drive C (SSD) and the SD card. The difference was about 3 seconds, so wasn’t worth worrying about. The advantage about saving to, and loading from an SD card is that your files are protected should Windows or the SSD itself fail or corrupt. I also have the SD card backed up on an identical SD card.