Save/recall MIDI and OSC mappings on Rack panel save/load


I have 150+ patches and they all have a rack panel that is unique and a rack panel that is the same. The common panel hosts the widgets for my three effects chains; one for pads, one for keys and one for “other” instruments.

Those widgets are mapped to my Lemur template so if I want to tweak reverb or shimmer or cutoff or chorus, etc. I go to the “Pads” tab in Lemur. It sends the OSC commands and my widgets update.

Problem is, when I want to make a change to that boilerplate panel I have to make the same changes 150+ times. When that change involves mapping every single widget it can take 45 minutes each. I had no choice to do this when I converted from MIDI mappings to OSC. For every patch I had to clear about 50 MIDI mapping and set up 50 OSC mappings. It has been killing me.

Countless hours could have been saved if I could have saved my rack panel and have the mappings save too. In the save dialog you could have a checkbox to indicate if you want to save MIDI or OSC mappings with the panel.

For me those widgets always map to the same blocks on the rear side. To save remapping all 50 widgets I would want those blocks to be saved with the rack panel. Thus the front and back of the rack are saved as a set.

Then all you need is inputs and outputs for each rack panel so you can route audio and MIDI between them.

This fits the UI nicely and would save a ton of time.



Is this related to this: Global effects rack ?

The panel templates now do remember the MIDI mappings so if you save a panel as a template and then create a new panel from that template the MIDI assignments should work. The problem is, as you noted that the plugin assignments would get lost in that case.

I think this is arguing for this global effects / processing where you’ll have one of these and reuse it in various rackspaces.



Hi Nebojsa,

That’s a great step forward that MIDI mappings are recalled — next up OSC mappings!

Storing front and rear of a rack is intuitive and would solve the issue of the widget to plugin mappings.

I see this as connected to the global rack concept but it should stand alone for one key reason: this rack panel has local settings for the widgets (each patch has unique settings, and when I switch patches I recall the values for the widgets belonging to that patch).

Contrast that to the global rack panel where I switch to a new rackspace and the global widgets don’t automatically change. That way I can set a master volume for the entire gig, I can set up the metronome the way I want, and I can set a “Mono Enable” button for when I get to a gig and I don’t have a stereo connection to the board.

They are connected because it is more intuitive if global rack panels work exactly the same way as local rack panels. The only difference is that a global rack won’t change widget values when you change to a new rackspace or a new song. Makes for an intuitive UI, and I think it fits very nicely with the existing GP UI.

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yes, this