Save assignments as a template?

Hi, I have been using Mainstage and found a big limitation in not being able to save controller assignments as a template. Is this feature a part of Gig Performer?

At the moment I am having to copy a Mainstage patch and then manually changing the program / patch in the VST.

The main problem with that is that I am mapping fairly complex analog emulations (with a lot of assignments), and as I use them more I will find ways to optimise the assignments better, or possibly even add more controllers. It’s surprising Mainstage would not provide a way to apply a template, otherwise that’s a lot of copy/paste/deleting/renaming patches for a large complex set.

Hopefully this makes sense… Basically, make assignments for, say Arturia Prophet, save that as a template, apply the template to each patch which uses that VST, without affecting the VST patch.
When the template is updated, all patches that have that template would also update.
Or at least the template could be reapplied.

You could create a rackspace and export it.
Then in a gig you can import that rackspace.

Not really — it’s a lot more complicated than one might think. For a start, what happens if you have three Prophets in one patch and five in another.

Also, Gig Performer does not have the concept of a static global “layout”. A rackspace in GP is not the same as a Patch in MS.

Each rackspace can have a completely different layout and controls (widgets in GP speak) that are in one rackspace might not be another.

Thanks for the reply.
I would usually only layer different instruments, but possibly having different midi channels for each could work?

Anyway, I am finding that this is definitely possible in Bitwig, so may be migrating the live rig there

Hi optimystery,

I would like to help you and I am wondering why you think of using Bitwig as Live Playing Host.

I don’t know he exact use case for this, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be possible to do so with GP.