SampleTank Blues

I am having a problem with SampleTank 4 plugins “losing” their instruments, or not fully loading samples. It’s weird. Sometimes the instrument doesn’t make any sound until I re-load the patch in ST. Other times, the patch is there, but very faint. I’ve also seen the instrument load, but it is detuned by a quarter tone or half-step until I reload the instrument.

In every case, the patch is fully restored if I open the ST plugin, find the instrument, and re-load it. This is happening frequently and giving me agita about using GP and ST in a live performance environment. Wishing I had bought Kontakt instead…

Any other ST users having same/similar issues?

Did you contakt IK Multimedia Support?

I logged a support ticket with IK for a GP crash that traces back to the ST VST3 dll. I have since replaced all of my ST VST3’s with VST’s, and I’m still losing sounds.

It happens to me that it generates a GP drop :frowning:

Thanks, GagoC. When you say “GP drop”, you mean that the progam crashes and you get the “send logfile” message box?

Hello bpeterson, yes, GP falls and the error message appears, I have sent it for analysis

I was notified of a SampleTank 4 update by IK Support. Version 4.0.9 is now available in the My Products section of their website. I updated yesterday and haven’t had a crash since, although I had already replaced most of my ST4 plugins with Structure and Xpand2 plugins, due to stability concerns.

I’ve decided to throw in the towel with SampleTank. It’s just not stable in GP and it is very resource intensive for audio processing. I will take advantage of the 50% discount on Kontakt 6 to replace SampleTank. My reseller has graciously agreed to refund my ST4 purchase, as I only purchased it a month ago. It’s too bad, because I really liked ST4’s instruments and UI. It’s just not stable enough to use with GP for live performance in my opinion.

Based on personal experience with multiple hosts, I think you’re making the right call.