"Run at System Startup" and "Run from System Tray" options


I’m new to GP and new to the forum, but I’ve been using GP for a few weeks now and it’s a truly fantastic product. Kudos to the devs!

I have discovered two small feature requests I’d love to see implemented. Although I do intend to use GP as a guitar and bass rig for live performance if it’s ever safe to play live music again, at the moment I’m using it with my RME Babyface Pro to apply system-wide speaker and headphone correction for all audio playback out of my computer. Because I’ve made it integral to my system, I’d love an option to Run Gig Performer at System Startup. It’s a little thing, but it’d be really great, and I think it would also make sense for both musicians and FOH engineers using the software in a live setting with a dedicated system.

Along similar lines, since I always have GP running whenever my computer is on, I’d love to have the option to Run Gig Performer from the Windows System Tray. Again, a little thing, but clearing the GP icon from the Windows taskbar would be a nice touch and reduce some visual clutter.

I realize that there are work-arounds for both of these requests, but it would be nice to see them implemented in GP directly.

my GP runs automatic at start up in start up folder

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Yes, I am aware that it can be done that way, I just think it would be nice to have the option integrated directly into GP.

What should the option in GP do?
Tell the OS that GP should be started?

Welcome to the community @samkshaw77 !

I guess both of these make perfect sense. Specially if you have something that’s rack mounted and you use an external monitor or no monitor at all or you just want it to be convenient.

We’ll have to see how to better support these use cases at some point and this will most likely be a part of that overhaul. We already have some other items on our list as well.

Thank you for your suggestions. Keep them coming!