Route my Ableton Click to the Audio IN of SPD... [HOW TO...again !]

Hello guys,

For two songs, I want to give the click to the drummer who’s playing with the SPD SX.
I need the click too ! I’ll be using Ableton Live and Link to send the audio of the click to the drummer.
So what I think is possible is that : route the headphone output of my sound interface to the audio in of the SPD.
Then, the drummer will have to select PHONES in the Audio In settings so that the click is not routed to the main output.
I’ll use the 2nd headphone output of my sound interface to hear the click too.

Is this how it works ?

Thanks guys.

PS : Sorry for not being very clear, and to ask almost the same question as last time…
We have the gig tomorrow !


What Audio Interface are you using?

RME Babyface Pro

If you’re using a digital mixer and each one of you has an AUX out to their IEM then you could simply routed your click from GP to a spare channel and mix as much or as little as anyone wants.

Another idea is to just install a phone app that has Ableton Link enabled, connect to your network and have a personal clicker. Other than that not sure many will understand exactly what your environment is.

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With Totalmix you should be able to route everything that comes from Ableton Live or Gig Performer to
individual outputs.
So it should be possible,

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Sorry guys :frowning:

Some more informations :

I have GP and Ableton Live.
For two songs, I want my variations to change automatically (thanks to virtual bus IAC clips I made in Ableton) so that I don’t have to think about it.
So we must play with the click.
The SPD player needs to hear my click AND to hear is SPD playing in his headphone.
I need to ear the click too since I’m beginning alone in one tune.

So we need to both hear the click and the click must not go FOH.

What is IEM ?

IEM = In Ear Monitoring

Why don’t use a classic Mixer?

You send the click and Gig Performer signals to the Mixer.
The Drummer sends the SPD signals to the mixer.

Via Monitor or Aux Busses you can send whatever signal you need back to your Babyface and the Drummer could use an Earphone connected to that Mixer.

And the Main Out of this mixer just sends the signals from Gig Performer and the SPD to the loudspeakers for the Audience.

Every Digital Mixer nowadays should be able to route Signals this way.

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The main reason is that I can’t have it now, it is in a far away place !!
I’m stupid, and I just bought a Art HeadAmp4 for nothing…thinking this would help !!

Ok with total mix you should be able to use your Babyface like a Mixer .

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This would be great while waiting I’m able to have my mixer back !
But I’m lost with totalmix !!

Total Mix is not difficult.
Can you start Total Mix on your PC or Mac?

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yes ! (on mac)
(it is on)

There is a view in Total Mix where you see 3 sections.
The upper row shows all physical inputs.
The row in the mid shows the so called “Software Return”, this is for the signals you are sending
from Gig Performer and Ableton Live.
In the lower row it shows the physical output.
On the right side of the lower row you should see your 2 headphon output.

Now you just route your signals to your main outs and your phone outputs.

There are tons of videos in You Tube showing that.

And of course: The user guide is worth reading :wink:

Here is a short video:

You’re the best man !! Thank you very much… I hope I can do this :))

I don’t see any Phones “menu”

(But i’m looking to the videos and reading the manual I should have my answer soon)

Take a look at chapter
21.4 Section Control Room of the user guide

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Thank you !
If I succeed to do this, we will indeed both be able to hear the click.
But the SPD player stil needs to hear himself play. So then I guess they are 2 possibilities :
1 - I use the Audio IN stuff on the SPD and so the Headphone out of the RME will go into his SPD (hope I can make it work).
2 - The stereo outputs of the SPD go into the instrument 3/4 of the RME and I do the mix but I don’t feel that’s the easiest way around… not sure !

This the easiest way - you use your babyface like a mixer and with the 2 phones outputs and totalmix you can create individual monitor mixes.

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Ok! And you think that the SPD player can still use is own level thing to make it louder or softer ?