Roland RD2000 is not keeping the Assign status

Hi specialists,

this thread is not directly related to a “problem” with
GP, it’s about the Roland RD2000 in connection to it.

May somebody with a RD2000 can help.
The RD2000 is connected to GP and to the Behringer XR18 mixer.
I have a “basic” setup of the levels at the XR18.
The individual levels I do, for each channel, in each Rackspace for each instrument through GP.
But, I assigned the 8 “Assign” knobs at the RD2000 to 8 widgets in the global Rackspace to control, via OSC, the main level of 8 channels at the XR18.
I did this, because I want to have direct control to the general level of the 8 channels in the XR18 during live gigs, over all.
I do this because due to different circumstances at different locations may the Guitar needs to be generally a bit louder.
It generally works, but, the RD2000 is not keeping the status at the “Assign” knobs. They are every time, after a restart of the RD2000 at “0”. This is not directly effecting the level at the XR18, but, if I touch a knob, the level at the XR18 turned first down to “0”.
In the system setting of the RD I set the “Assign” knobs to “Remain”, I tried to store the correct level in each individual Scene, but it’s every time the same behavior.
How can I tell the RD2000 to keep the status?


Did you enable sync in the widgets?

Hello Paul,

I did, for sure that would be the best way, if the XR18 would communicate through GP with the RD, but I guess this is not (easily) possible.
In my case it would be enough (for now…) if the RD2000 would store the status of the Assign knobs…

When you move the assigned widget, does RD2000 react?

No, it keeps on “0”

Ok, so no chance.

Seems that RD2000 in not able to recognize the CC messages for the Controller
It can only send out but not receive.

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Have you asked Roland? Is it possible there are sysex messages that can be sent to initialize them to the desired settings?

I asked in two forums but no answer…
As far I understand the RD can handle sysex,
but me not, so far. I have never worked with it.

The link to the MIDI implementation:

If the sliders of the RD2000 are not motorized I think you should use the “catch” optiion in the widget properties rather than “jump”. Then, if I understand well you would like the leds next to the slider to display the current level? And for the moment these led level display don’t change when you move a widget slider, right?