Roland DS61 recognising Transpose steps as Octaves

So, we have a few songs that I play in different keys (because its easier to play in C than say F# etc. For some reason song songs do not recognise, transposing by a semitone, and instead by an Octave.
The Song Properties might have transposed by 4, on a particular song but it wont send this info through to my Roland Keyboard, whhich will mean I will have to manually change it on my Synth, and remember to change it back at the end.
I’ve fiddled with Midi In and Midi Out and it doesn’t work either.

Funny thing is it works on a another song on my Roland okay?

I assume you mean some songs?

So are you saying that some songs work fine with transpose and others don’t?

Yes, I’m still in early stages of converting. I may need to delete the problem song and start again?

I use a 3rd party program for Chords, called Ripchord from Trackbout. I also found that it would not automaticllay convert the Key in line with the transpose signal from gig performer.

I don’t understand. RipChord (which I use myself) just maps notes directly. It does not know anything about transpose or keys.

This is totally unclear to me. Could you please show us a screenshot of your wiring view and perhaps add a GP MIDI Monitor plugin in the wiring view to illustrate your issue ?

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