Rig manger for audio interfces


I would love to have the same kind of functionality with Audio as we currently have with midi via the rig manager. It would be great to be able to define a virtual audio output device and then be able to configure it via an “Audio rig manager.”

My application is this: for Sundy services I am transmitting 10 channels of digital audio through a USB expander over a cat six cabling To the house Midas M32 console. Seven of those channels originate in Abletom Live andthe other 3 from GigPerformer. I created an aggregate device under the AudioMidi app on Mac OSX. This is a wonderfully functional set up-except for the fact that I cannot prepare rack space audio connections in advance. Neither OSX nor GP provide a way to create a virtual audio device.
Because of this, I must manually go through each rack space every Sunday morning and create connections to the M32. It would be fabulous to have an elegant situation analgous to the manager To to facilitate such repeating rig changes.

Mightthis be possible?


I am using different Audio-Interfaces:
The builtin and RME UFX II

I only use the 1st 2 Audio Outputs within Gig Performer.
When I am on stage I use the RME Interface.
At home in the living room I am using the builtin Interface.

I never have to go through all the rackspaces and make my connections, just select the used Audio interface in the Audio options.
This is working fine because each used audio interface has the same number of channels.

When I am working on a Gig which uses multiple outputs and the actual Interface does not provide the same number of output channels then I am using Loopback.
When you are using Loopback you can create a virtual device with all Outputs you have when you use your physical device.
This way you can prepare your rackspaces in Advance!



Loopback is wonderful, I use it for all sorts of things. Certainly, using it to create a multichannel virtual audio interface that you would use while creating your rackspaces would solve the problem completely.

Please see this blog article I wrote ago Loopback some time ago and note that Rogue Amoeba offers a discount to GP users



Thank you all for your feedback. I actually had a copy of Loopback 1 that came bundled with Audio Hijack (which I use all the time). I have upgraded to Loopback 2 and it is the perfect solution! It has allowed me to setup a much more complex virtual interface than I had even dared to hope for. Being able to toggle sources and monitors on and off allowed me to design a virtual interface “patch” that provides contingency options for different scenarios and trouble shooting.

Thank you so much!!

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is Loopback creating additional latency when added to the audio signal chain?

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It does, but I’ve never noticed any real impact.

I think latency gets overrated a bit. See this article Nebojsa wrote on this topic



Yes it does and so I have had to try to make my GP audio buffer as small as possible. I started out as a percussionist and can perceive the timing differences between flams and I often play very syncopated music with 16ths and 32nds, so latency really drives me crazy.

That said, loopback is usable for the time being. Download their free demo and try it for yourself.