Rig Manager - Resorting MIDI Control Aliases


is there any possibility to resort the MIDI Control Aliases in the Rig Manager? As far as I can see, they are always in the order of their creation time.

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Absolutely not recommended, but you can export the rig and then edit (NOT RECOMMENDED)
this section

  <RIG_ITEM type="1" nameUid="9" midiDevice="" midiMessage="" midiData="0"
  <RIG_ITEM type="1" nameUid="8" midiDevice="IAC-Treiber Bus 2" midiMessage=""
            midiData="0" controlMode="0"/>

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Ah, ok :wink: … I hoped there was an easier solution, but thanks!
The sorting is based on the order in the section and not on the nameUid?

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Thinking about it, I often have the difficulties to quickly find specific controls like my sustain_pedal control in the middle of about 100 other alias names. Could it make sense for other users too to have a “search filter” which would help to display only the controls with e.g. “sustain” in their names? (we already have this for the plugins and it is really valuable)

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