Rig Manager acting weird, Midi Aliases not working

Hey guys, I’m trying to set up rig manager for the several setups I use, but they don’t work, all the aliases are recognized and routed to the correct aliases, but the widgets won’t move, until I assign the same alias again. And when I do that if I go back to my previous rig it won’t work until I do the same. Here’s a video explaining the situation in more detail.

Thank you

What is shown in the midi assignment window?

For my understanding:
You open the gig and the rot9 assigned to the Widget called “Master” in the global rackspace
does not work.
You have to reassign it to the widget and then it does work?
What is shown when you edit the assignment of the widget before you reassign and what is shown when you assign again?

the Midi assignment window looks exactly the same when I assign it again

OK, weird.
What is shown in the global MIDI monitor window when the widget is not working?

can you upload a small gig showing the issue?
Maybe delete all your local rackspaces.

it shows the source CC of the controller, and after it works it shows the same

OK, please strip down your gig file and check if the same issue exists and upload this,
maybe I can check in my system.

testrm.gig (146.1 KB)
I deleted all the rackspaces, rot1 and rot9 are assigned to the new controller, the rest of widgets in the global rackspace to the old one

I loaded your gig and as I do not have your Rig Manager settings, it shows this

Your Global MIDI Monitor shows CC 116 ?

MIDIIN2 (A-PRO) is the new controller
the old one I believe only shows as A-PRO

My Global Monitor show 116 when I use ROT2 which is assigned to the Tremolo LFo Intensity Widget

Ooops, please show the GLOBAL MIDI monitor when you move the controller (rot9).
AND: This gig you uploaded is not working until you reassign rot9, correct?

In this gig rot9 is working cause I reassigned it for the video and it shows this

I can change it back to the old controller if you want to see how it looks when it doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure it looks exactly the same

Please export your rig manager file (for the old controller) and upload it.
Same please when you configure it for the new controller.

One important thing:
You talk about old and new controller.
What is the configuration when it is working?
And what did you do and now it is not working?
Maybe there is indeed a rare situation - but we will find it out :wink:

mmmm… how to explain it… lol. I have a Roland A-800 PRO and that’s the keyboard I always play with live(Also I used to use Brainspawn Forte), however I almost always play with it with a wireless midi transmitter, but the transmitter got broken, I’ll try to get it fixed this week, so I’m using an USB cable, and I built the rig using the cable, so I wanted to check how the Rig Manager worked so when I get my wireless system back I don’t have to remap everything again. So I started test with an ALESIS V25 I have, and I feel it worked at the beginning(but I’m not sure) but then the problem started, so I made more tests using the Basic Drivers of the A-PRO and the Advanced Drivers of the A-PRO, in all the cases the problem’s the same it gets recognized but the faders don’t move until I assign it to the same alias again.

testrm.zip (1.3 KB)

Normally the rig manger should work when you have a new controller (I assume the CC messages and Channel are the same for the old and the new).
Just learn the new device and you are ready to go.
What did you do in Rig Manager exactly?

I am using Gig Performer Rig Manager for live and Rehearsal.
I made a new rig and learned the new physical device and the MIDI Aliases used for example Master Volume have different CC messages.
And when I swithc my rig all is working.
So your issue should not occur at all.

Yeah, I’ve seen the video in the official channel and it seems to work very well, I kinda feel somehow my installation (and hopefully not my .gig file) has problems, do you know if there’s a way of uninstalling GigPerformer cleanly including all the settings?

I used our Rig Manager File and assigned physically IAC-Driver

Then I sent CC30 from Ableton Live and the widget is reacting.

And when I edit the Widget I can see this;

As I assigned IAC in the Rig Manager this device is shown here.
How looks your widget when it is not working, maybe that is the issue