Riffer midi plugin


Wonder who will try this one first?



Bought it. Haven’t played with it yet. Gotta make the time.


We discovered a bunch of issues with it and we are in contact with the developers. We’ll try to sort things out, but until then I would advise not to get this plugin yet…


Serves me right for mentioning it !


Serves me right for buying v1.0.

But somebody’s got to. Got it cheap. Can wait for the coming update(s).


David, I was just about to post a new topic about this, lol. :smile:

I decided to give it a try…being that I had earned points with Audiomodern, the cost was only $19.99.

At first, GP (nor Live, for that matter) could locate the plugin…or (in the case of GP) so I thought. Turned out that Riffer was way down at the bottom of the plugin list, along with a number of others, all disabled. Rescanning these plugins enabled them, so Riffer was ready to go.

I loaded and authorized it, and the interface was presented, as expected. I wired the Omni Midi In block to Riffer’s Midi input, then wired Riffer’s Midi output to a VSTi, whose audio output was wired to the audio interface’s audio channels 1&2.

Riffer locked to GP’s default tempo, 120. Changing GP’s tempo immediately caused Riffer’s to update…so far, so good. I clicked Riffer’s “raindrops” button at top center to generate a random sequence, then hit GP’s play button…and…

Here’s where I’m lost…nothing happens. I tried clicking what looks like an infinity symbol at top right, which sent Riffer into a super-fast infinite loop. Clicking GP’s Panic button worked, breaking the loop.

Audiomodern has since updated the plugin to v1.3.0; however, none of the above has changed. It does work properly in Live and Logic Pro X; however, this may be because these are actual DAWs with actual timelines (maybe…not sure; just speculating here).

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Yes - we figured what’s going on. We reported several things to the developers. We’ll see if they will address some of it and if we will address some other parts,


Thanks for the update, Nebojsa! Hopefully the devs at Audiomodern will hold up their end of things. :slight_smile:

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Are you coming to our show on Sunday?


Yes! Glad I can make it; it will be nice to meet you in person. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, because I could not reserve a ‘table’ ticket as early as I would have liked (due to a family issue which I had mentioned to Tim), I (as well as the drummer and the bassist & his wife) could only order general admission tix. Hopefully I’ll be able to somehow see you & GP in action from “beyond the stage”. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

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What an éXcellent show, David! It was Gr8 meeting you in person and seeing Tim again. Really enjoyed the performance and arrangements. As expected, GP was røck solid…you ran a tight ship. Thanks again for the free lesson! :smile:

Would like to attach a few pics of the show; however, unsure as to how to do so… :thinking:

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You should be able to just upload them, but perhaps into the Stories from the Trenches category


Simply drag n’ drop :wink:
A picture is worth…


Updated to v1.07…no fix for GP compatibility as of yet… :roll_eyes: