Reverb Plugin control

I need to be able to “Turn On” the Vocal Reverb without starting the media players. I have a midi triggered Button Widget linked to 2 others for Bypass of the Hall Reverb when the media players stop.
Do I need a script to have a midi note controlled button widget turn the reverb back on without starting the player…? For just one song…so far.

Did I ask this is the wrong Section?

can you upload this rackspace, so I can check?

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Burning Midi.rackspace (287.3 KB)

When I am at home, I check and come back to you.

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Thank you Very Much!

I need your global rackspace too.

Or better, strip down your gig and upload that.

Sorry for delay - no email notification.
Here is the gig.PP-Gig.gig (541.3 KB)

For my understanding:

You are using HReverb in the global rackspace.
With a button you stop the audioplayer and another button in the same widget group you bypass HReverb.

Now you want the Reverb also be unbypassed when a specific Note ON is received?

Thank you.

Try this:
Edit Global Raclspace
Select the widget which is mapped to the Reverb Bypass and MIDI Learn the Note On from your controller.
Just press a key on your controller and when you see the Note On message is shown press the red learn button.

I’ll try that.
I can’t get it to work. The midi note does not trigger the Reverb on or off and the reverb doesn’t even work while the player is playing even though the BYPASS is not lit.

If I try to set up a widget from the Rackspace through System Actions the Bypass Plugin parameter is “Not Available” even though I set the parameter in Advanced.

If I can’t do it with a script I’ll have to Remove the Group B Link to System Action Start/Stop and Midi Note trigger the Reverb as needed.

Thanks anyways!

OK, can you upload the gig where you learned the Note On message?

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Here is the new gig file.
Getting closer…
Now the midi note trigger does work - but only while the song is playing - not when it is Stopped
PP2-Gig.gig (553.1 KB)