Reusable global rackspace

I am still loading a huge Kontakt grand piano multiple times in my gig file.
Is there not yet a way to “load it once” and use it in several different songs?

(FYI, I do not want to use “physical modeling” piano)

No global rackspace as of yet.
The workaround is to set up multiple instances of GP and put the piano in its own instance.

Could that work in conjunction with Setlist, so the Song can send an unmute (and mute when not part of a Song) to the other instance of Gig Performer?
Or am I stuck having to remember to unmute or mute the piano every time I change songs?

Songs and song parts can send out midi messages when you activate them. If you use a virtual midi port you can have your main GP instance (song/song part) send out a midi message to the second (Piano) instance to change its variation (where you have two variations: Mute, Unmute). Using an empty rackspace to act as the ‘mute’ may work better as it will reduce CPU usage for the songs you aren’t using it on.

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