[Resolved]Korg TR76 mute notes on switch to new the racskpace


Hello to all the comunity.
I bought Gig Performer for a couple of months and I have to say that, apart from a few crashes, the rest is pretty good, except for the note off of the external synt when a new rackspace is called.

Use gp in prediction mode, when I change the rackspace, even going to the next, GP at the end of the update in memorai of rackspace (when the red band arrives at the bottom), after about 1 second when I’m on the new rackspace, holding a agreement, I notice that the notes are put in off of the external synt (korg tr 76).

The korg tr76 is connected via USB cable directly to the PC.

Can you help me?
Thanks in advance

I apologize in advance for the bad English


Hmmm, that sounds like a little bug we need to address. Could you please open a report through our support system - please go to https://gigperformer.supportsystem.com/ to do this? We’ll need some more details and our support system is better suited to that.

Much appreciated


Hello dhj,
I thank you for your suggestion.

From a more in-depth analysis I found that the anomaly occurs when the “Midi Outputs” object is used. When they are in fact on a rackspace that has this object and then select another rackspace, the notes played within the second are stopped.

Confident look for feedback in the newly created tk.



I just responded to your support request as well.
This was by design. All MIDI out blocks will receive a note off message when their rackspace gets deactivated.

This is to prevent stuck notes which would be very easy to do when you use external midi controller with an external synth.


It was just pointed out that your main issue may be the actual DELAY that happens and the fact that you switch a rackspace, start playing on the external synth and then the notes stop.

If that’s the case - we should address it. We’ll see if we can fix that one quickly.


Please check the support ticket you created.


Yes, I confirm that it happens as you wrote.

thank you


A big thank you to Gig Performer’s support which solved a bug in 1 day.
We are at the :top:

Thanks so much :sunglasses: