Resize plugins in the back panel?

Is there a way to resize the plugins like Kontakt or UVI which are very wide? I’m wondering if I can edit those plugins to hide all the extra channels I’m not using.


Yeah, this is a nuisance. In Gig Performer 3, you can go to General Options and specify the maximum number of ports that a block can display (see image below).

This is however a global option, applying to all blocks. While this is adequate for many purposes, there are times when you really want one block to have a much larger number of ports while keeping other small. We have already recognized this as an issue and a future version of Gig Performer will allow the max number of ports to be controlled for each block independently.

Thank you for the info. For my purposes limiting the ports probably won’t be an issue but I’d hate to forget that I made that setting wondering why my plugin isn’t showing everything. Being able to control that per plugin will be a nice feature.

Thanks again,

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