Request for next update - option for always loaded rackspace

I would like to have an option to choose a few rackspaces that are loaded into ram all the time - ready to go when ever you need them.

I play in a band where the setlist is made on the fly sometimes. My current setup is 12-15 rackspaces and I have set predictive loading to 7. But since I play them in random order and often need the rackspace with piano/pad/hammond it would be nice to know that I can go to that anytime, also in the middle of a song.

There might be a work around with putting them into global rackspace somehow but I want more flexibility than that, cause that wont work if you want a few more ready to play rackspaces.

You could create a separate instance and put them there

It could be a solution, but the other thing would still be preferable. Right now I havent programmed PC messages in this particular setup. Im just using Kronos setlist mode that take all the rackspaces in order even though its the same combi preset that is beneath. Every slot is named in for the corresponding rackspace but it is still far quicker to setup that making a new dedicated Combi in Kronos with cc.
That wont work if I use 2 instances of GP.

For other bands I do it the “right” GP way with setlists and all, but in a jam setting this could be useful. At least for me. For now Im trying to see if I can have all rackspaces loaded at once without trouble.

Why not? Your rackspaces in the separate instance would have the same program changes as if they were in the main instance and in the main instance the rackspaces associated with those program changes would simply be empty (and vice versa)

Ok - I didnt know that. I Will try it out :blush:

Maybe you can answer this question.
If I have eg 10 rackspaces, the first 10 slots in my Kronos setlist corrsponds to the respective rackspaces 1-1, 2-2 etc.

But if I have chosen eg slot 25 - playing a Kronos internal Sound and then choose slot 5 afterwards the chosen rackspace is 1 (not 5) the first time I press 5. Then If I press 1-10 again the correct match is being made (1-1, 2-2. ….). As if GP has to be reset in terms of PC

That is strange
Can you monitor the messages sent from Kronos?

dhj, Isn’t the ability to run 2 instances of GP a function of the sound-card driver? With M-audio – I can’t share their asio-driver.

I use ASIO Link Pro to use multiple instances of GP. You can do a search for it in this forum, and you’ll find the links you need.


Yes. T as @edm11 noted, there are decent ways to address this.

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Take a look at this article: Gig Performer | How to use a single-client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows