Replacing " in a string variable

In a variable I get a string via OSC
For Example “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”

The " is part the OSC parameter it Get.

How can I strip of the " ?

I tried ReplaceString(, , , )

But I had no luck to give " as 2nd parameter

After some investigation, this seems to work:

v = ReplaceString(OSC_GetArgAsString(m, 0), <<<">>>,"",false)

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Hmm, that GetArgAsString should not be including quotes.

The M4L patch I am using sends this messages:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-08 um 16.14.25

or this (when the song name only contains 1 word)
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-08 um 16.15.52

Yes but that shouldn’t be showing up with the quotes when it arrives……the quotes should be getting pulled out

I wonder if other OSC apps are doing this or is M4L adding extra quotes?

I think quotes Are necessary when you want to send for example
One two three four

and One two is the 1st argument and three four is the 2nd argument

I confirm there are no quotes in my RME OSC GPScripts.

So when you send a string message out, there are no quotes on the receiving end, right?

Yes but those quotes are a function of the language being used to specify that “this represents a string”

The quotes themselves are not part of the string and should not be included in the message being sent out — you should probably report that as a bug

Perhaps you should investigate the GP Script manual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are absolutely right ….

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Seriously though – the other application should not be including quotes – you should report it as a bug.

OK, investigated:
The M4L patch is working as designed:
There is an observer to report the actual selected live scene and it seems that the scene name is enclosed by " when there are spaces in the song name.

So I should remove those " before sending it out via udpsend.

Exactly! (In my case TotalMix FX is the sender and GP the receiver)