Remove/Bypass Option


Just a couple of little things I have had an issue with,… the options to remove and bypass a plugin being right next to each other has really burned me a couple of times, even though after the first time I knew to be extra careful.

But lately I have been A-B ing multiple plugins, tweaking various parameters and using bypass to check one against the other. Unfortunately, regardless of however careful I try to be, I have hit remove accidentally… and not only have to hassle with resetting it up, but have lost some settings I really liked and could not quite remember.

I suppose there are probably better ways to do this and from now on I probably will take the extra step of assigning a controller to volume for each of them and using that to cycle between them. But all the same, i think that Remove option should be a little bit more separate or somehow less easy to hit accidentally or have an “are you sure?” option.

Also, it sure would be nice to have octave up down transpose buttons as well in the MIDI IN plugin

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Try using widgets to bypass plugins. That way you can compare without having to call up a menu. You can also assign a widget to the transpose function in the MIDI in blocks.


For A/B comparisons I typically use the built in mixer plugin which has the ability to mute or solo certain pair of channels.

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Thanks @amor and @djogon both good suggestions

I do still think that the Remove option should be a bit more protected. I understand it is one of those little things that is unlikely ever to rear its ugly head for most users, but if and when it does, it can have possibly serious unfortunate consequences.


It may make sense to add a warning that can be turned off depending on how it’s being used.
I’ll put it in our tracking system.


Right on… .just want to add that I went to implement the mixer plugin suggestion (at the moment I am obsessively and desperately trying to get a particular electric lead guitar sound using RealLPC, RealStrat, or Rock Standard), but they are also all running into Amplitube and sometimes I want to disable that also. So I realized I would also need a second mixer for that solution… which made me remember I could use the option to keep the plug in windows on top. And then when I did that, I realized also I could just enable and disable the plugins directly from those windows.So for the moment for me, that seems the easiest solution… just keep all the windows on top and lay them out in a way that makes it easy to navigate amongst them.



And again +1 for selections and multiselections for Blocks and having shortcuts for mute, solo, delete and so on but I guess this is already on the list for a long time.


For what it’s worth, I’ve had great success using RealStrat going into either GuitarRig or TH3


@dhj I am a keyboard player and not all that knowledgeable about the guitar stuff. Do you think Guitar Rig or TH3 can do something substantially different from Amplitube? I am after a fat clean sound, which I realize may be a contradiction of terms.


Yes, I’m a keyboard player too — I recently had to create some guitar riffs to use in a Steely Dan band where one of the guitarists wasn’t available for a show. I was very happy with my results (as were the band members). Personally I like TH3 and GuitarRig way more than Amplitube (which I used to use but gave up some years ago)


I was definitely seriously considering TH3, It was my first choice but it actually came down to the fact that I need a particular Mutron III sound and while TH3 had an envelope filter it did not have the same controls as the Mutron III… and while I’m sure I could probably have got the sound I needed from it, Amplitube had an exact clone, so that tipped the scale for me. oh well.

Anyway, if you have any tips on achieving a clean, fat, sweet lead tone (think maybe the lead in Josie), it would be greatly appreciated, I have found myself that a Fender Twin with bass basically off and mid and treble up around 9… into 4x12 cab,with some tight delay to come the closest so far. RealStrat Elite I have a mix of bridge and middle pickups and pick positoon up closer to bridge, My problem with RealStrat is the string buzz, particularly pronounced around the F# above middle C, which gives a kind of warbly almost vibrato tone to solo lines. Also those last high notes from A up die out real quick. Both of those things may be characteristic of a Strat, but make it particularly tough for a clean tone and I have not been able to make it work for me.

I almost feel that RealLPC and Rock Standard work better for me in that regard. RealLPC also has some of that string buzz but nowhere near as pronounced as ReaStrat. However RealLPC and particularly Rock Standard are just too brassy sounding.