Reduce outputs on individual Virtual Instruments

I would like to reduce the outputs of certain VI’s like piano plugins that only need two outputs, but my Omnisphere sometimes need 8 outputs. It seems that there is only a global setting that I can find, but was wondering if there is a way to make individual instruments have their own number of output channels per rack space. I don’t always need 8 stereo channels from Omnisphere so it would be convenient to change the outputs per rack space. It takes up a lot of monitor real-estate within the GP GUI.

Also my loading time is 2 minutes at least per rack load. That isn’t with the whole show. It is over 3 and a half minutes for the full show and my computer overloads on any preset that clocks over 55% on the CPU usage. I start getting glitches in the audio. If I reduce the buffer lower than 512 the Yamaha Clavinova starts having latency.

I want my show to leave the station like a freight train and not stop till the end. If I have to wait for a three minute load, that is eternity. Do I need a second computer with Gig Performer on that also?

I would love to run the show on one computer.



This is a new feature announced in GP4. You will be able to adjust it for each plugin in each rackspace.

Well, this really depends from what you load. In comparison a workstation like the Korg Kronos takes up to 2min only to boot up! GP4 will be quicker than GP3, but even with GP3 you can activate the “Predictive Loading” which doesn’t load immediately the whole gig, but only a few Rackspaces (the number of rackspace is customizable) the rest being loaded in the background for you to switch to them seamlessly later on.

44kHz and 256 sample is a nice setting for keyboardist I think. If you have Windows have a look here:


I’m glad about the Virtual Synth outputs being able to change per rack space! I can’t go lower than 512 or the audio starts cutting out. I am using Digital Performer as my IAC patch through and it plays the backing track stems. Anything above 55% in the GP usage monitor is when I start getting drop outs.

Will Gig Performer follow the tempo maps from Digital Performer so the delays and effects will stay in time?



Here is a typical Rack Space. Is it too much?!

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 10.55.47 PM|690x420

Will Gig Performer follow the tempo maps from Digital Performer so the delays and effects will stay in time?

Does Digital Performer support LINK?

I will have to research what link is. Thanks.

I don’t think so… its not on the list…

Info here :wink: