Receiving Program Change From Logic Pro X

I’m simply trying to change rack spaces (or songs if need be) from Logic Pro X … may I ask for guidance on how to do this? I have MIDI tracks with program change that switch other external devices, but changing rack spaces in GP on the same computer is giving me a problem.

I’m sure there is a simple solution, please bring it on. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Use IAC bus driver in logic to send pc messages from logic
In Gig Performer in the midi port option enable IAC driver as input

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However, make sure that you do not use MIDI In Omni plugins in this situation as you will create a midi feedback loop.

You are right

Thank you for the responses, much appreciated. I was able to get it working … what gets confusing is that the rack space program numbers are off by 1. So in Logic I have to send a program change value of 1 in order to get rack space 2. I don’t see a setting in GP to offset this. Any ideas? Thanks again for the help! :slight_smile:

In the Options, under Global MIDI, switch on Use zero-based PC numbers

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That and more tips about program changes find in this article: Gig Performer | Program Change Management

Good call … that and reordering the patch numbers starting at 1 seems to do it.

I’m now experiencing GP freezing up on me AFTER receiving program change from Logic. The rack spaces freeze up, fan comes on, etc. Now, I am still using the DEMO version of the program, but that’s supposed to be a fully working version so that’s not likely the reason. Could it be a MIDI overload of some sort? I have it set to only accept program change messages on specific channel 4.

Ya’ll are probably getting sick me me by now, but I do appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

As mentioned earlier, make sure you do not use MIDI In Omni plugins in this situation as you will create a midi feedback loop…

… which will cause GP to freeze!

That’s surely what’s happening here, a MIDI feedback loop. Are you referring to this area, the MIDI Input block?

Or is it specifically within each virtual synth plugin’s MIDI settings … or both? I have to do some testing here but thought I’d ask to help it along.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Yes, the MIDI In block.
You should not use the OMNI MIDI In when using virtual MIDI

Right click on that block and change it from OMNI to the specific MIDI device for the keyboard being used.

I didn’t think I had a MIDI (Omni) block anywhere but I must have. I hooked up all of my controllers and assigned them to instruments. It all seems to be working as it should now. Patches changing with only a blip on the MIDI monitor light, no freezing up.

Thank you all for the assistance, very helpful!