Recall Variation With a CC?

I’m relatively new to GP, so please excuse the newby question.

I’m a guitar player and use GP with variation plugins and it works like a champ. Right now, I’m using the Orange OMEC Teleport as my interface (due to low latency) and my Line 6 Helix to change variations (via PC messages) and CC to turn blocks on and off. Everything works as expected.

I want to move to an interface where the A-D and the midi switching is all in one. Something like the Xsonic XTone. However, the Xtone (and a few others) only send midi CC messages…as far as I can tell…the manual is a bit lacking. As far as I know you can only change variations with a PC.

With all that said, is there a way to change variations using a CC?

Take a look at the preferences, you should be able to assign CC values to Song Parts

I’d like to assign CC’s to variation within a Rig. I don’t use (and don’t want to use) songs or song parts. I load a rig and have variations set for clean/crunch/heavy/lead, etc.

Is this not possible? I know how to assign PCs to a variation, but I do not see an option for CCs. Unless I’m overlooking something I don’t think it’s possible. Seems like a pretty big oversight to me.

Why can’t you use Song Parts?
A workaround could be scripting.
How many rackspaces are you using?
And how many variations within a rackspace?

There is an option in the global midi preferences.
You can learn a Controller Message and with the controller value you can select your variation.

I’m a little confused — you want to be able to change variations using CC messages. We specifically added this ability through the new Song system so you can do exactly this. But you don’t want to use the feature (songs/song parts) that specifically supports the functionality you want?

That’s kinda like saying,

Owner: I want to steer my car like I did with my horses but there are no reins. That seems like an oversight.
Manufacturer: We added a steering wheel to do that
Owner: I don’t want to use a steering wheel

Maybe we’re missing something. Why do you not want to use songs/song parts? Among other things, they were designed specifically to allow this direct CC control for switching.

@dhj its not that simple. I’ve discussed in other forum posts how Setlist view isn’t just a view, but an entire mode that structures the playing experience in such a way that might not be favorable to all users (myself and @chris_g included). Based on your response above, I don’t think you’re really grasping just how much Setlist mode isn’t for everyone, but we’d like some of the elements of it incorporated in the other modes, and vice versa.

It’s kind of like this:

Manufacturer: Here are 2 amps, one for clean sounds, one for lead sounds.
Player: I want to be able to switch between clean and lead channels on the same amp
Manufacturer: We gave you an amp with a lead channel
Player: I don’t want to just use the amp with the lead channel, I want one amp that does both.

Workarounds are not what’s called for here.
I could just as easily say that users that want a ‘Setlist-type mode’ could make workaround scripts for it instead of it being a major feature. :wink:

Maybe … but…

…if you can do that in a single rackspace in rackspace mode (which one obviously can), then you can still do that with a single rackspace attached to a songpart.

So what am I missing?

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The ability to change variations with CC’s in something other than Setlist mode, as requested by @chris_g , I think?

But in setlist mode you can create just 1 song with the song parts
and each song part can be selected by its own cc message.
This works fine when 24 variations is enough.
Or am I totally wrong?

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Which, as @pianopaul also noted, can be done in song mode trivially, you just attach each variation of a rackspace to a different song part in the same song

Right. In Song/setlist mode.
That’s not what was asked for.

I’ve discussed in other forum posts what you also get while in this mode, which are certain restrictions that don’t exist in other modes, so I’m not going to go back into it.

I’ll defer to @chris_g and his thoughts about CC’s.

@edm11 if you want to use the same CC to change variations - you can do that easily in Global options.

I think the question here isn’t CC messages vs. PC messages, but rather having a “set” of MIDI messages that always switch to certain variation number within the current rackspace.

If you want to do that - I think what @dhj and @pianopaul were saying - simply create a SONG for each RACKSPACE and each SONG PART is a VARIATION.
Then you can map things exactly the way you want.

There is a “hidden” option to do that automatically and convert your rackspaces to songs and variation in each rackspace becomes a song part.

Hold down the SHIFT key and click on Options->Advanced in the main menu. You’ll see a button (bottom right) that will do that for you.

Could you explain what are those restrictions please. We would like to understand the issue and improve things if possible.

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There was a long forum thread moved back in August.

Why is it not possible for you to give PC numbers for the Song Parts in Setlist View?

Would it be possible to write a short excerpt explaining what are the restrictions in the setlist mode that don’t exist in other modes?


One such item previously discussed is the inability to switch to a rackspace not previously associated with any song parts while in Setlist View. This is off topic for this thread though and better served discussing elsewhere.

The presumption was that you’d use the method I described to convert ALL of your rackspaces+variations into Songs-Song parts.

For me this is normal behaviour like the name says - Setlist Mode