RealStrat Elite Crashing GP


RealStrat has pretty consistently locked up GP over the past few days. It is when clicking on one of their tabs/widows, most often it seems, the volume window. I click on it and the pointer changes to that swirling thing seeming indefinitely, and then I have to exit the program.


Mac or Windows? What version of Gig Performer? What version of RealGuitar? What do you mean, over the last few days? Was it workin fine before a few days ago?

If you’re getting crashes when you click on different parts of the plugin, then it’s most likely a bug in he plugin as Gig Performer has no awareness of interactions with a plugin editor beyond being able to respond to actual changes in parameters


Right, that makes sense of course, I will report it to them. I am on Windows 7, latest version GP and 5.0 RealStrat… and “last few days” is really the last week, basically since I got it… It just seemed to get worse as I worked with it, but maybe I was just working with it more.


We do know of other users on Windows using RealStrat/RealGuitar with no issues.


Does it crash? Did you get a crash report? We don’t seem to have one submitted from you.

Also - as @dhj suggested - was this working at some point and then started happening? If so - something must have changed.


ok sorry I guess I did not communicate very well… it has crashed from the beginning… from when I first got it, just a week ago, but it seemed to get worse as the week went on.It generally works for quite a while, but at some point I will click on one of the ReaStrat tabs and my pointer turns into a swirly thing and I can’t do anything more in GP and have to close the program (I’m sorry I don’t remember what happens at that point… maybe some kind of dialogue box opens? Is it possible that would have to do with the crash report? I dob’t know how to submit a crash report).

But I do know that at the same time that RealStrat crashes I am doing the same tweaking with RealLPC amd OTS Rock Standard and do not have any problems with them


Do you have the option “all plugins on top” set?
I’m wondering if realstrat is trying to display another dialog but it’s underneath the plugin?
I know you’re saying you’re running the latest version of GP but could you report exactly the version number ?


@dhj I am on GP 3.2.7 Today RealLPC crashed the program as well. “All plugins on top” was not enabled. In fact, in RealStrat and RealLPC those are not actually popup windows, they are drop down menus.

So,when I clicked on the Volume tab today, the pointer changes to swirl and nothing happens, menu does not open. I can still play whatever is loaded in GP, but if I click anywhere in the program, it grays out and I get the Windows message that the program has stopped working, and gives option to wait or close. I have tried waiting for a very long time with no change.


You really need to reach out to MusicLabs with this information. They do have Gig Performer


ok sorry, I am. I was just answering your questions

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