RACKSPACE VARIATION - number 128 on right

Not sure how to describe this for the title…

Im getting a number (128) next to a variation when I try to program a midi program change.

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Bank number Setting?


This makes total sense… I just don’t know how the # 128 is controlled. Can’t seem locate this number even on my midi controller.

Midi is 7 bit so the range is 127 number
Bank number 0 PC 0 - 127
Bank number 1 PC 0 - 127 => 128 … 255
Bank number 2 PC 0 . 127 => 256 …

So when you want to send PC number 128 you have to send Bank Number 1 and PC number 0
(when zero based is enabled)

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What is your MIDI controller?

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To send another bank and PC try to send cc 0 with the value of a bank number, then CC 32 with the value 0
and then the PC message, should work because this special CC numbers are for Bank Messages.