Rackspace Template?

Hi all,

is there a way to save some basics I need in all of my rackspaces (certain Midi Inputs, Certain Audio Input(s), Gain Control, Audiomixer readily connected to the Audio Interface Outputs etc.)?
So any time I add a new rackspace by hitting the “+” or enter “Ctr-Shift-N” I will get this kind of “rackspace-template”?

If not yet available it could be in the rackspace Right-click menu for example “Save as Default rackspace”

I know I can simply save the rackfile and use it as a starting point by dublicating it each time. But saving the Defaults and using “new rackspace” command would be more straight Forward for me.

You can export such a rackspace and import it when needed.Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-27 um 16.59.12

I know. But Life would be easier Just using the " new rackspace" function taylored to personal needs. Wouldn’t it?

Your are right, you can look at the Plugin Alliance Version of Gig Performer.
When you create a new gig you are prompted to create a new gig based on a template.

But I don´t want to create a new Gig but only a new rackspace.

Yes, but would be that new dialog handy when creating a new rackspace?

No, I don´t think so. Because Usually my Gig is already opened when I start to program a new rackspace.

Can you create an enhancement request?

Yes sure I will.
I just wanted to check if there is already something like that available i´m not aware about.

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You can duplicate rackspace “Shift + Command + D” . Saves lots of time ;o)

You could create an “template” rackspace with all you need, then simply replicate it and change the details you want.