Rackspace question

I’m running the main gig performer window along with an instance that contains racks. How do I have the rack in the instance change automatically when I change the rack in the main window ?


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You have a few options, but this depends on the platform you are in. Are you on a Mac or Windows?

I’m on windows

In that case you could use OSC to send commands from the main instance to any other instance.
You’d have to set up OSC properly in both instances and so on. You could use a third party virtual MIDI ports as well, but with OSC you would not need anything else.

So if I’m understanding you correctly the widgets can send osc commands ?

When you give your widget a handle and enable OSC on it - the value is sent automatically. Please take a look at our OSC documentation.

You can also send OSC using scripting which can be triggered with various events like on a rackspace activation.

Both are somewhat advanced concepts so please make sure you read the documentation in full.
If you get stuck with a specific problem - please feel free to ask our community memebers for help.