Rackspace Notes

Something that might be quite useful to add is a ‘notes’ section within the rackspace and variation properties dialog.

This way a description of the setup (plugins, scripts, settings,etc) can be added to each for future reference of how the rackspace/variation is set up.

At the moment I have to try and cram that sort of info in to either the rackspace/variation name or as a text widget, but as it’s not info that needs to be seen all the time this could be a good way of doing it for (in VERY BIG inverted commas!!) “Not much effort”…



I think this is a really good idea. :+1:
It would be espacially useful when we share our rackspaces with others, so anybody would know in an instant what the rackspace is about, or what is required to make it work properly…

Yep + if its not mention previously, it is very useful overall :wink: