Rackspace info text

I had an idea that it would be a nice feature if we had an info text in each rackspace that could be used to describe what the rackspace does, or what is special about it, to store instructions or warnings.
This would be good as a personal reminder, and also would help others if a rackspace is shared (i.e. here in the forum).
I think of a textbox that could be opened / edited from the rackspace-properties.
A little “(i)” marker-icon besides the rackspace name would also be nice, so anyone could directly see if there is some information stored or not.
What do you others think of that?


Believe it or not I have it written down already as “Think about some kind of Rackspace/Song notes display” :slight_smile:

Maybe put it into the bug tracking system as a feature request. I think there is value in that - we just need to figure out when and how to implement it.


Done! :+1:

I do this right now by simply inserting a label in the panel and adding text to it

This assumes that there must be enough space for such a label, which is not always the case.
And then you have a huge label sticking on your panel… most propably one will delete it after reading and then it is gone - the next person who might get the rackspace won’t see the notice anymore.
If it is “hidden” in the properties, it won’t bother anyone and it may stay there forever waiting to be read by some courious guy. :nerd_face:

For notes that are more relevant to the back view, I have sometimes wished we could have a label widget that could be added here.
I prefer the notes instantly visible versus something like the Melda Notes plugin.

Just kidding :slight_smile:


Ahah I use too much Gain Controls :wink:
Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 03.45.59

I use my rackspace mostly for just the name of the song in large letters.
Because I use an iPad to change rackspaces (songs), I include sticky type notes on the iPad to remind of anything I need to know.

I’ve done that!

I would also like a few tweaks like this in GP. I have found a work around though. I use a VST Notepad, believe it or not for lyrics on the fly in the patch view. Of course the notepad can be used for anything, and has it’s limits, but you can put one of each of your rack patches. Here is a link to this FREE software.


Windows only, unfortunately. But thanks for the pointer.

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This is what I missed, thank you.

@Glen This is great…thanks!