Rackspace Back view / Routing template

There are some basics I need in all of my rackspaces (certain Midi Inputs, Certain Audio Input(s), Gain Control, Audiomixer readily connected to the Audio Interface Outputs etc.)
So I´d wish any time I add a new rackspace by hitting the “+” or enter “Ctr-Shift-N” I could start off with these things already being set-up by a Kind of “rackspace-template”.

It could be in the rackspace right-click menu for example “Save as Default rackspace” or “Save Rackspace Routing template”

I know I can simply save the rackfile and use it as a starting point or dublicating similar rackspaces each time. But saving the Defaults and using “new rackspace” command would be more straight forward for me.

Instead of hitting the “+” or entering “Ctr-Shift-N”, enter “Ctr-Shift-D” or maybe I did not understand what you need.

Just a suggestion until there’s maybe a better way to handle templates.

Create a folder call say “My GP Templates” and put your starting .rackspace files in there. (you can export a single rackspace from a file menu)

Now you can Drag-And-Drop one or multiple of these templates onto the rackspace list in GP and those rackspaces get imported.

This way you not only get the templates, but also the ability to quickly create a new gig file using your tried and ready rackspaces.

Hope this helps.

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