Rack space variations not saving

So, I’ve got a rack space with 2 variations… it’s basically volume differences in mixer, first variation is channels 3-4 at zero, and second variation brings that volume to unity, while 1-2 drops to zero.
When I open the gig, those variations vanish, and I have to re-save those changes every time. Am I missing some step here to make the variations “stick”?

Can you export the rackspace and upload it?
Do you use widgets to control the volumes?
Do you know the concept of variations?

Yeah I bet you didn’t actually assign widgets to those parameters as @pianopaul noted. It is widget values that are associated with individual variations and those widgets then drive the parameter values

Thanks… I will look at that. I’ve only had the program for a couple of weeks, so I’m still in the learning curve.

I am using the widgets. I have a line of 8 vertical faders that correspond to to a 16 channel mixer (2 channels per fader: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc)

The first variation has the mixer 3-4 channel fader down, and the next variation has 1-2 down (3-4 back up).

The variations will save while the program is opened, but if I close the program, and reopen it, the saved changes have disappeared and it goes back to default (all faders at unity)


Under the widget properties, I failed to select “last saved” as the “initial value on gig load”

I knew it had to be something simple like that. The depth of control in this program just gets deeper as I keep digging into it. Love it!

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