Rack labels unresponsive for Plug editor opening on Global Rackspace

FOH engineer here.

Utilising GP for interfacing UAD to DiGiCo (along with other libraries as well).

My global backspace is busy, so I utilise rack labels to access the plug in editors. Is anyone else finding rack labels become unresponsive (at least for the ‘open editor’) after a GP relaunch?

So you’re not using a standard button widget for opening the plugin window?

No, I’m using tape labels as they are a much larger target to hit and I can fit more information on them about what that plug is doing etc.

For me GP5 (atm) is a plugin host for live mixing. The global page is where all the plugs I need to get to the entire suite of parameters are held, as the rack spaces hold the specifically show/ song programmed effects etc are held.

So the tape labels work in the rack spaces to open the plug editors, just not the global rack space.

In this example, I have mapped a pad widget to open the plugin editor(removing the Momentary Touch option), and placed the widget behind the tape label. You might get better results this way.



I don’t believe the tape labels have ever been clickable. As @edm11 has suggested, you can put a button underneath the tape label (maybe you had done this in the local rackspace?).

Also note, that it’s not the visible button graphic that is clickable, but the entire bounds of the widget. So you can make them very wide if you need a large clickable area.

So you unlock a tap label and adjust the parameter value like this (only an example)?


I think this method is the best solution.