Quick song finder - contex menu for adding song to set list

I have one ‘main’ set list (over 100 songs), where I have all the songs for my playing with the band. When we get a gig, we make a custom set list just for that night (usually 25 songs). So I make another set list in GP and copy songs from my ‘main’ set list to the new one (usually called like the place we have our gig…). To do that, I have to scroll up and down through my ‘main’ set list, which is a pain to do on MS Surface (very thin scrollbar for my meaty fingers…).

So, it would be a big time saver, if I could copy songs directy from quick song finder e.g. with a context menu “add this song to set list…”.

Thank you.

I do not face the issue.
I create a new Set List (all songs have been defined before)
Now when I add new songs I just have to type as many characters to match the song name and then press the enter key, the selected song is added to the SetList.
Then I just have to type in again (the previous typed in characters stay marked, so the next key erases the selected characters!).
This is very fast, no need to scroll

…or do I miss somtehing?


This will do the trick. Thank you!!

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