Questions Before Purchase


ME and eventually You get tons of out of an iPad+Lemur(OSC)+Gig Performer -control heaven :wink:



@Chimuelo I am a cantabile user but due to some limitations I am going to buy Gig Performer as soon as I get back to my rack computer to install it. I have been doing research on this and other forums to inform my purchase. This is off topic but earlier you mentioned that you are a scope user.

I have thought for a while now that Scope on paper looks exactly like what I need in a few different ways but the history of the company and product, the silence and obscurity of the developers, the infrequent updates and the reliance on very specific dsp hardware spook me a bit.

Today would you buy that system again?



I just bought an old Pro Card to use, and have 2 x XITE-1 Racks, so I’m not going to buy anything else.

As far as history the company goes, it has gone through different owners once and all share the same IP, so you see Pluggiators, now called Dino from MakeProAudio, but I never used Scope for synths. I just make my own MIDI Devices, and 3rd Party Developers do custom work for me.
Just recently upgraded from Windows XP/7 to a pair of Windows 10 rigs.

I’ve tried to use other interfaces like UAD and RME but they don’t route external hardware synths or FX with the same flexibility and their Mixers are not automatable, or their FX for that matter. Great products but just don’t help performers much.

I run Custom 4 and 6 AUX Mixers where MIDI Controlled Strymons occupy 3 of the auxiliaries, a Scope Pitch Shifter gets the 4th AUX.
Every parameter can be modulated, external Hammond B3 Module, Code 8 and SE-02 sound great through Scope and Strymons.

If UAD would ever break down and discover the ancient protocol known as MIDI I’d love to use one. I could get rid of the Strymons, etc.
They seem to be more interested in a business model more suitable for engineers.
New plug ins means no money, can’t blame them.
Just can’t use them without automation in real time.

What do you want to do with Scope?
You might be able to use just a Pre owned card and not buy one of their rack models.
They’re making another run as we speak, the cheaper D model is plenty. But the X is worth every penny of the 3500 dollar asking price.
It’s an entire 37 channel automated PA. I’ve run entire bands through them, but it sucks becoming everybody’s FOH. I hate Guitar player tricks like changing their volume during a sound check, then having to chase their faders all night. FkThtSht.



Thanks for those details. I will continue to watch scope from just outside the ring of the campfire.



The first time you hear Scope that will be all that’s required for a decision to be made.
Never a single crash for 16 years. It doesn’t get any better unless you’ve got a hardware only rig and a crew.




In earlier times - creamware was alive (do you know TripleDat?) -
I had the 1st card they produced.
It was an amazing product also.



Oh that was so long ago. An engineer seen our gig and asked me if I could stop by and do some tracks. I was new to Las Vegas but was scoring great gigs every time I went out I couldn’t refuse.
I saw his tiny rig and chuckled, but on play back I was shocked as I only knew ADAT then.
TDAT sounded so good I anxiously awaited the Creamware Cards.
I couldn’t afford any of that gear until 2002/2003 when they dropped from 5800 USD to 2000 USD.
Been hooked ever since.

Getting ready for downtime and demoing gigperformer.
The window that looks like Scope/Bidule is most welcome.



Feel free to ask when you need assistance in checking out features of Gig Performer.