Questions Before Purchase


GP looks pretty sweet and I’ll explain why I want it for gigs.

My set up is a custom 1U I built that is very fast.
I use the Scope DSP Platform and cannot stop using this fantastic audio/MIDI Interface. It’s my Mixer, and the 4 x AUXs each have separate hardware effects I automate.
A Physis K4 controls everything, so I’m use to very sophisticated MIDI Control.

I need GP to replace my K4 basically.
Multiple EXP Sus & FsW.
128 performances, each with 4 scenes, which can be 8 splits each.

I’m hoping to use disposable Controllers, a 61 for top tier, an 88 for bottom.

5-6 Zones per prgm chng message, might need more than 128 too.

Physis is such a great live tool but even if I bought a spare which is option 2, support is fantastic but we’re talking 2-3 weeks turn around.
With disposable 3-400 dollar units I could just go to Guitar Center and buy another.

Plus Ive used Bidule for 13 years and Scope for 15 years. Both have modules connected visually with “wires” so GP looks like it would be similar.

Could GP replace my K4 without having to use custom scripts, etc.
Sure would be nice.
My K4 had a key contact fixed, a new 3 wheel assembly (still waiting for parts) and the temporary fix will hold, but 6 weeks for parts?

That Dog Don’t Hunt.

If so, I’ll read the manual and start programming a spare rig until comfortable.

Thanks for what looks like a great product even if replacing the K4 won’t work.




Thanks for your kind words and welcome to our community!

Feel free to download Gig Performer and start your setup. The user manual is your friend so make sure you familiarize yourself with the important concepts in GP. GP is very flexible so you should be able to do everything you need.

For anything else - please ask a specific question here in the forums and I’m sure someone will have an answer or a suggestion that you can use.



How can I use 6 x Continuos Controller Pedals each with re assignable MIDI CCs per prgm chng message?

I probably didn’t see it in the pdf as it might have been in a certain section I over looked.




Let me ask the question differently. What do you want those controllers to do?



Depends on what I need at the particular time.
On my K4 each performance has 4 x scenes, EXP 1 might be to Swell/Collapse Drawbars, then turn into a WahWah on the scene change.
FX, Levels, Volume, Leslie/Rotary Switch.

I use pedals because I’m covering several parts and do not have the luxury of playing with one hand and controlling with other.



Each rack space in GP can have as many front widgets as you want. These control any parameters within your plugins and, in turn, can be controlled by any midi controller message.

My suggestion is still for you to download and try GP. This is the basic functionality that you will be able to do with ease. (unless I’m missing something)

Also - you do not have to change the cc messages. You can attach the same cc messages to different widgets/parameters in each rack space.



I appreciate the help brotha’ man, but I control parameter modulations with my feet because my hands are playing multiple parts, and on my Physis K4 I have 8 x Pedal inputs, I use 3 x EXP, 1 x Sust and 1 x FSwitch.
This is why Im afraid no matter which host I use the Controllers pedals cannot be replaced as there’s just no way to turn an audio I/O into a Pedal Controller.
But I really like the GPs workflow and the support seems to be top shelf. I’m going to probably just use it because it’s a great piece of software.




I don’t understand what you are saying here. What does audio I/O have to do with your pedal controller?

So let me ask you again, what exactly are you trying to do? I can’t see exactly what is the problem?



Scripters for Kontakt have said they can plug an EXP pedal into an Audio Interfaces decoupled Analog I/O which allows extra Pedals.

I’m not seeing this in the GP pdf so it’s safe to assume it’s not possible.

I’m was trying to use a pair of cheap disposable 88 note controllers like Nektar LX88 but I just decided to buy a 2nd Physis K4 as I have to have a redundant rig.

There’s no replacing this controller, it’s advanced features don’t exist in other units, and 1 or 2 pedal inputs won’t cut it fir what I do.

But, I’m still going to try GP in a couple weeks when Ive got downtime.
I like the workflow and GUI.

Thanks for your time



Some users have this in their rigs; how many pedals? 16? Just add 4 boxes :wink: and then route to taste inside GP.



There ya’ go. I knew somebody out there had to have something that could get me there. Hopefully the assignments can change per prgm chng message.
Can’t wait to try this.
My DA Converter already uses 16 of the 32 I/Os for hardware analog synths and Strymon MIDI Controlled Pedals.

I could use any cheap easily replaced Plastic MIDI Controller and leave the Physis K4 @ home.

Thanks guys, Ill be back to share later this month.



That’s so funny…I was about to recommend the exact same thing. I have two of those installed on my live rig, they work great.

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I still don’t understand. Which assignments are you talking about? Your expression pedals will always send the same CC messages (at least that’s how you should configure them).

Are you talking about plugin parameter assignments? If so, that’s something you will configure through widgets.



It’s maybe a certain ‘speciality’ of the mentioned “Physis K4” masterkeyboard… i had a brief look into the specifications of this awesome device and there seems to be a lot of proprietary stuff you can do with the built in 8 MIDI Outs, 2 MIDI Ins, 8 pedal inputs… it also seems to have a quite sophisticated way to organize the particular configurations, and this may result in a “specialized vocabulary” that only a K4 owner may understand (like the meaning of “scenes”, “zones” and such).



I want each pedal to do what “I” want during any scene change.
I can always keep a latch FSwitch for Rotary, but often want Portamento or Scanner Vibrato instead sustain on a Sustain Pedal, don’t need sustain during B3 and Synth scenes.

In my world I require motion, constant parameter modulations, nothing can be static, that’s for DJs and Bass Players.

I can get by with a Sus a Switch and 2 expressions. So a Quattro looks good. I’m reading the manual right now.
It all depends on its re assigning capabilities.

If you guys are bored read the Physis K4 pdf a little bit, you’ll see why it’s a dream to use live. For years Ive been able to just perform instead of scrambling around making mistakes on tiny ass buttons from other Psuedo Controllers.
128 Performances, can call up other 128 performances on USB Flash drives, 4 x USB Ports for using multiple editors in real-time making programming a breeze.
Each performance has 4 x scenes (verse, chorus, tag, bridge) where pedals handle different chores. Chain programming via FSwitch.
I don’t even use “osc pmod” anymore. Expression pedal can send depth and rate simultaneously to Strymon Mobius giving you a super rich deep modulation.

Sorry, I tend to get a trifle excited when speaking of the K4.

I’ll let Yuze guys know how it goes later on. I’m praying I can use more popular cheap plastic controllers because GP can spread out zones easily, and it’s more on the hardware side to cover the rest.




Okay - here goes some answers :slight_smile:

Each Rackspace in Gig Performer is a collection of your plugins, routings, effects - anything you really want. This may be equivalent to what you call a “scene”.
In each rackspace you can drop any number of panels and widgets (knobs, sliders buttons etc.) and connect these to parameters inside your plugins. You’d typically do this only for parameters you care about.
Another Rackspace (scene) can have a completely different plugins, buttons and knobs and their assignments. You can switch instantly between Rackspaces(scenes) and each of your pedals will do what you set it to do (e.g. you’d connect it to a widget that does something you instruct red it to do).

So this is BASIC Gig Performer functionality and one of the reasons we made it. You can reuse all of your pedals and other midi controllers and make them do completely different things ion different Rackspaces (scenes)

Yes - this is what I explained above.

Connect your pedals to anything you want and modulate away :slight_smile:

Gig Performer is entered around your sound. I recommend that each Rackspace is a sound that you want (or a combination of sounds you need).
Then use the Setlist View and add your Songs. Each song is a collection of Song Parts and each Song Part can point to different Rackspace. Once done - you do not think about technical aspects of your rig at all - you simply think in terms of the Song you’re performing and it’s parts. GP will do everything else for you automatically.

Hope this helps. I’m sure you’ll like GP once you get a hang of it so hang in there …

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I know I will and Im considering one of these too.



Have you considered using an iPad with Lemur? It will give you way more control than just using a MIDI program change generator.

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Not unless they have chains and scenes.
I’ve got an iPad, Ill look into that, thanks.



Can you please explain what you mean by chains and scenes? How exactly does that work in your setup?