Question:Control widgets from the Global Rackspace

Hi i read this article:

I was wonder if is there a better way of doing this, maybe a checkbox to show all the plugins from the global rackspace and viceversa, instead of map all the parameters to the “from global rackspace” plugin. Show/Hide Plugins so you can direct attach like normal plugins in current rackspace but in global.
What do u think?

The point is to control widgets in the global rackspace, not plugins. You can think of the global rackspace as a plugin whose parameters are widgets

yes i know, so is not possible a direct control over a plugin in global rackspace, i want to do this because i want to change some plugins in between rackspaces but others to remain intact, is a gtr rack.
Im using nam (profiler plugin), so each instance is a different profile, i would like to not having too many instance so using different rackspaces maybe is better, but controlling PRE n POST in global, what do u think?

can i upload the gig file? maybe you have some recommendation

Then use different rackspaces.

The whole point of the global rackspace is that it is global! All rackspaces see it.