Question about widget values and variations

I have a rackspace with several variations, and i can’t figure out how to configure so that each variation loads with pre-defined widget values rather than loading with the widget values from how the widgets were setup from the most recent time I used the variation.

Example: My rackspace is a piano with a volume fader widget setup to control the piano’s volume. The widget has “Recall value on load” and “Also recall on activate” checkboxes selected. Variation 1 has widget value of 60 set as the starting point. Variation 2 has widget value of 80 set as the starting point. When I first load the rackspace, it correctly loads variation 1 with widget value of 60. While I am using Variation 1, if I change widget value to say 70 and then switch to Variation 2, and then switch back to Variation 1, I would like for it to load with the original value of 60 which is what I expect it to do because of “Recall value on load” and “Also recall on activate” checkboxes selected.

How can I get the variations to always load from the desired starting point rather than from how I last left the widget values?

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I tried this too with the same result.
It seems that the “recall” option only takes place when you change the rackspace, but not on changing variations within one rackspace. I don’t know if this done “by design” or not…
Sure, in some cases it may be nice if the variation you used before “remembers” how you left it, but it could also be useful if it “forgets” the changes and returns to the start-values.
I don’t know, which of both options was the “right one”…

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To implement this behaviour you can write a script which reacts on variation change and sets the widget value.

Sure, this would be an option to work around this effect.
But such a script had to dig through all existing variations and buffer the “save-values” of all widgets to re-adjust them when coming back to a specific variation-number.
And what if you delete a variation or you add one or more, what if you add or remove some widgets?
I think, a script may not be flexible enough to handle this properly.

Just thinking:
Maybe If there was “savedstate-property” for widgets (in GP-script) which you could read and restore, or a even more extensive function (something like “activevariation.restore()” which you could call to restore the saved state of a widget or a whole variation…

You are absolutely right.
Such an option would help in this case.

But what is the use case to restore widget values in different variations?
In my backspaces I only switch forward in variations and never back.+
This I am doing because just to press a button (and always the same button) to get the next variation
is much easier than to think about what button to press.
I could imagine to organize the variations this way could also be a workaround.

Here is how I am using rackspaces…

Let’s say that I have variations setup to represent song sections… verse 1, Chorus 1, etc.

And I often move volume, delay send, filter, etc widgets duing variations. Therefore, after I sound check or rehearse, then I need to go back and manually restore my desired “initial” widget values. Otherwise, everything will be setup as I left left it.

However, I just thought of something I can try. If I load a different rackspace and then return to the rackspace in question, maybe that will work for what I need. If so, that is a valid solution for me.

For what it’s worth, this feature just got added to our tracking system after my last tour where I realized that there really was a need to reset ALL variations, not just the first one.

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Thanks! This will be valuable to me

I got bitten by not having precisely this feature while on tour last month with Security Project. Here’s the scenario, we were playing an old Genesis song, Fly on a Windshield. First variation starts with all widgets loaded as expected based on saved values. Other variations have the values there were there when the gig was last saved. So I switch to second variation where I use a fader to fade out the volume of the mellotron at the end of the song. Later on, the gig gets saved. NOW, if I come back to that rackspace, while the first variation is initialized as expected, when I switch to the second variation, my mellotron is silent, which was totally unexpected!

Yes, in the short term, a script can be used to work around this problem and that’s what I did, but we need to have a way to allow settings in all variations to be saved. We don’t want users to have to be GP Script experts for stuff that OUGHT to be handled by the product itself.

But what is the use case to restore widget values in different variations?


Hi @david, great chat yesterday, thanks. Realised that afterwards the thing I can’t do is go back to the top of the variations list. EG, I have a Rackspace that has 2 VSTs. Throughout the song I flip between variation 1 & 2. This would involve having 2 switches to go back and forth. Better to have 1 switch (pedal) that only goes forward but after the last variation goes back to the the first. I know I can just create multiple variations without cost, but I might not know how many I need.

I’m dealing with the same problem in version 3.8.1.

I don’t get this function: widgets operation > enable recall on load/activate for all widgets.
After changing widgets in the rackspace, switching to an other rackspace, switching back: it stills holds the changes and not the originally stored values.

I cannot reproduce
Can you load this gig and see if the widgets in the 1st Rackspace are set to the initial values when switched back from the 2nd rackspace?
WidgetRecall.gig (9.8 KB)

Your gig works!
I reproduced your gig file and it only works when you select “Also on rackspace activation”.
Is there a way to do this for all widgets, without having to do it manually for each widget?

I don’t think so.
Totally unsupported !!!
Edit the gig file with a text editor and do a search/replace

But do not even think about getting support when the gig file becomes corrupt :wink:

Thanx for your help!
But what does the function “widgets operation > enable recall on load/activate for all widgets” do?
I hoped this did activate this function for all widgets

Hey you are right, that’s it!

Again what learned !

Strange, because over here it doesn’t work. I’ll dive in tomorrow.

The Enable recall on load/activate for all widgets option checks the Also on rackspace activation box for all the widgets in the selected rackspace only. If you want this behavior in other rackspaces as well, you need to select and use the Widget Operations > Enable recall on load/activate for all widgets flow for each rackspace.

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