Question about labels on Rackspaces

Hi all.

I’m setting up a gig that will only require a piano rackspace that I’ve created. Each song may require transposing so I’m creating variations for each key change (1 per song). My goal is to create a different label for each variation of the same rackspace so that I can easily see which one is active. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.


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Just for my understanding
You want a text label in a panel to show the current variation name?


Let me think :wink:

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Take this
VarLabel.gig (5.0 KB)

And this is the script used

var VNAME : Widget

// Called when you switch variations
On Variation(oldVariation : integer, newVariation : integer)
 SetWidgetLabel(VNAME,  GetVariationName( GetCurrentVariation()))

That worked perfectly. Thanks Paul.

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