Question about GP3.61

Hey all, i haven’t updated at all or have been using GP live for a couple years, i created a new gig for a quick gig i have next weekend, when i click on it from the desktop i get a screen telling me i need to update to GP 3.81 or something like that, i don’t want to update now, just gotta program a few sounds to get thru the gig, i’m worried if i update GP3 then i’ll have to install new windows drivers for my Helix, i don’t have time to start doing all that, i’m having a hard enough time remembering how i did all this programing to begin with, is there a way to turn off the auto update? I thought if i had this disconnected from the internet that would be enough, but being a pita windows machine i guess not… thanx

What do you get exactly?

See this user manual page: General

So disable the “Check for Updates” in options

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It will never tell you that you “need” to update… It will tell you that an update is available if you have the option to automatically check for the upgrades on in options.

Simply turn that option off as @dhj suggested

If i hit cancel, GP won’t open

K, i looked for it in GP, i’ll look again today… options, under which menu?

I linked it few posts above: Question about GP3.61 - #3 by npudar