Program Changes 2-127

Hi again,

I managed to call up a new Rackspace with a program change.
But it’s always the same. No matter what number I send, it always jumps to number one.

So I checked the variations and made sure that there were different numbers entered and still I always end up on rack 1.

Do you have any hints?

Can you upload your gig, so I could check?

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Oh, yes- sorry teresa_mai_2021.gig (125.2 KB)

Oh even more sorry - all is well.
I don’t know what i did wrong.
Now it works again.

What do you send and how do you send it?

Could you show us what you send to GP in the MIDI monitor?

My main DAW is now Cubase and GP is only the host for PlugIns.
I created A track which send Program Changes to ---- yes where?
So i opened Bomes Transator and routed the track to a port in Bome and from there to GP.

You can imagine, there are many gates to check…

I ended up with successful rack switching when cubase run over a Prgchange, but always Rack 1, regardless of the number I wrote in the event in the track.
I don’t know what i changed from the state of reaching only Rack 1 , and later the state of reaching Rack 2 3 and more.

Cubase is playing Audio, Light, Video and now also controlling GP Rackchanges.
Later it will also control a digital mixer.
It is done with only 2 Pedals (Play and forward) and the Arrangertrack in Cubase.

Do you see something in the GP MIDI monitor?

Yes , sure.
Before and after, but I connot check what was wrong before.
And thank you!