Problem with Rhodes Keyscape Reverb assignement

I think this is a current question, but I’m very new to GP3.
Here’s what I want :
I’m a keyboard player, and I want to control the rhodes sounds etc.
With Keyscape, I’m trying to have an on/off switch for the different reverbs sounds (studio, spring or echo), and also the amout and time settings.
If I assing a knob to the amount (while on the side it is the echo reverb that is on), it will remember this.
It’s inherent to the Rhodes Sound (for example with the piano sound it’s ok, there is a reverb activation button).
Should I just ignore this and do with it or is there a way to actually switch between different kinds of reverb and being able to play with the time and amount settings ?
I have a X-Touch Mini to assign all these settings.
Thanks in advance !

PS : Maybe I should just buy Omnisphere 2 !!

Did you enable Host Automation?

Yes !

Maybe I did not get it.
What is the issue you have?

When I change the amount or time settings (with a specific knob CC learned), it will remember the type of reverb that is automatically selected on the side (off/studio/spring/echo).

Sorry I cannot reproduce.
Can you upload a short movie?

Hehehe how to do that ? :slight_smile:

Thank you pianopaul !
Here’s what was my problem, a very newbie one :slight_smile:
I thought I had to activate host automation + midi CC learn (so used to it !).
But in fact, you just have to activate host automation :slight_smile:

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But here’s a new problem for me … I can’t change between the differents types of reverb (on the rhodes section of keyscape).
Why is that ? I activate host automation but it doesn’t work.

I enabled this host automation and could change the type.

Thanks, but with buttons to see specifically what you choose would be even better !
And this I don’t manage to do it :cry:

I create the widget and mapped it to keyscape.
Then I opene keyscape, loaded the rhodes patch and then did a right klick on the reverb type.
In the upcoming Menu I chose host Aumation.
Then I assigned the parameter you see in the List of Parameters, thats all.

It is really a nuisance that one has to enable host automation for each parameter separately with that plugin, IMO

I agree.

Some Parameters are mapped and most are not.
I do not have a problem with enabling Host Automation.

When I do this nothing changes :’(

What version of keyscape are you using?
VST or AU?

I use AU :slight_smile:

This is something that I found difficult to understand, when I tried to do it myself.
Basically, even with Host Automation enabled, in Keyscape you cannot assign a single knob/button for different kind of effects, or different kind of amplifiers. I’ve spent days in trying to find a solution, and that’s what I’ve come up with:
if 0 is OFF, and 127 is ON, the variations lies “in-between”. So, I’ve assigned a button to the REVERB, and stepping through the value numbers, I’ve noted that from 0 to 31 the reverb is off, but once the value is set from 0 to 32, the STUDIO REVERB kicks in. So, doubling that value, 0 to 64 is the SPRING REVERB. And, finally, 0 to 96 is the ECHO REVERB.
Next step was to assign three different buttons on my controller with the same CC. but with different ON/OFF values.
And this is something I’ve applied for all the variations I needed in Keyscape. And yes, it’s not something that I would define “easy friendly”.
And yes, sorry if my explanation was not so clear.

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Wow it seems hard Indeed ! I’ll try it :smiley:
Thank you man :slight_smile: