Problem with mouse Macbook pro 14 M1

Estoy utilizando el traductor de google, espero que me pueda explicar bien.
He comprado GigPerformer en Abril, para migrar de Mainstage, con el que llevaba desde el 2007, he vendido mi Kronos y mi Modx , y he comprado un Arturia Keylab MkII 88 y un Studiologic Slgrand 88, mi tarjeta de sonido es una focusrite 18i20 3rd generacion.
Mi curva de aprendizaje, se me está haciendo un poco larga, pero, creo que voy por el camino correcto,el problea del idioma, para mi es un problema, pero os llevo leyendo muchos meses y casi siempre encuentro la respuesta.
Lo que me sucede ahora, que no se como evitar es, que cuando estoy en modo panel, y pasa el puntero del raton por encima de un widget, este reacciona y no se el por que.
En las Opciones de trackpad, he deseleccionado tocar con un dedo para hacer click, y sigue sucediendo igual.
Este Viernes, tengo mi primer concierto con el GigPerformer, y, de entre las muchas cosas que aun no tengo atadas y me preocupan, esta la necesito solucionar, porque, si algo me pasa y tengo que utilizar el trackpad de mi Macbook y paso por encima del pad de pánico, me va a cortar el sonido.
Muchas gracias por adelantado y sigo leyendos todos los días.
Voy a intentar adjuntar un video, donde se ve lo que me sucede.

Hi @Jairo ,

Please translate in english, Thx


I am using the google translator, I hope you can explain me well.
I bought GigPerformer in April, to migrate from Mainstage, with which I had been since 2007, I have sold my Kronos and my Modx, and I have bought an Arturia Keylab MkII 88 and a Studiologic Slgrand 88, my sound card is a focusrite 18i20 3rd generation.
My learning curve is getting a bit long for me, but I think I’m on the right track, the language problem is a problem for me, but I’ve been reading you for many months and I almost always find the answer.
What happens to me now, that I don’t know how to avoid, is that when I’m in panel mode, and I hover the mouse pointer over a widget, it reacts and I don’t know why.
In Trackpad Options, I’ve deselected touch with one finger to click, and it still does the same thing.
This Friday, I have my first concert with the GigPerformer, and, among the many things that I still don’t have tied and that worry me, I need to solve this one, because, if something happens to me and I have to use the trackpad of my Macbook and I go through above the panic pad, it will cut my sound.
Thank you very much in advance and I keep reading every day.
I will try to attach a video, where you can see what happens to me.

Please Post the Settings your touxhpad

there they are, thanks

try switching off toque para hacer clic (touch to click) so you have to physically press down on the trackpad to click

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The first option in your 2nd screenshot I did not set on my machine.

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Thanks, I had already changed it before asking, and it hadn’t changed anything, besides, it only happens in normal mode, when you’re editing, it doesn’t.

BlockquoteThanks, I unchecked that option, and it continues to do

I watched the video and it looks like some kind of Touch sensitivity threshold feature needs to be adjusted (I don’t believe that you have defined any gestures that would simulate a click? Or using apps such as Swish or BetterTouchTool?).

Sorry, I don’t know Spanish (I believe that @keyman may help you), so don’t have a clue how these options may be named on macOS.

Please experiment with these options to troubleshoot:

Useful articles:

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Good evening!
I have formatted the macbook to factory state, I have reinstalled the program, and I think the problem has been solved, I have not had much time to try it again, but, I think everything is fine.
By the way, over the weekend, with gig preformer everything went perfectly, I just had to be careful with the mouse pointer, I still have a lot to learn and do, but,
Greetings and thank you.


@Jairo Thanks so much for reporting back - glad you solved the problem and it’s great to share the info so that others can benefit.

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