Problem with Midi learn in Syntronik

I am having no luck assigning a widget to control the cutoff filter in Syntronik. Clicking the ‘Learn’ button and then moving the control in Syntronik does nothing. The parameter does not show up. This method works fine with all other plugins. I have GP3 running on Windows 10.

Syntronik does not support Host Automation.
There is a workaround:
Create a Widget
Assign it the Midi In Plugin which is connected to Syntronik
Assign for Example CC20 to send to the Midi In
Then Open Syntronik and in Syntronik activate Midi Learn.
Then move your widget in Gig Performer.

Thanks for the speedy reply. That works very well. I am loving Gig Performer. Excellent software that I have used with fantastic results in 3 gigs already! Cheers.

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When you use VST3 Version then many CC messages are directly available.
So you do not map the Midi In Plugin but Syntronik itself.
Then you assign the Midi message the same way as shown in the video.

I have contacted IK Multimedia and asked about host automation and what would be much better when they would implement that.
By the way most of their other plugins support host automation.

I got this answer:
"For now, that is how its done, its a right click and MIDI CC automation. "

No single word if they will implement or not …